The local organizing committee is fully committed to hosting ICCOPT 2022 as an in-person conference. Although online and hybrid conferences have been successful, they are unable to replicate the in-person experience, which is a crucial component needed to form new research collaborations, meet new people, and create lasting memories. With that said, we are acutely aware of the complications and dangers associated with COVID-19. The rules governing Lehigh University will be in effect throughout the conference. These rules are regularly being updated and can be found here.

The current brief summary of Lehigh’s COVID-19 policy that is relevant to ICCOPT is as follows:

Individuals visiting campus for a conference or workshop lasting more than one day must be fully vaccinated AND boosted. All attendees participating in a conference in person on two or more days are required to submit to the conference organizer confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination and booster prior to arrival to participate in on-campus events. (Currently, there are no medical or religious exemptions to this policy.)

Here are answers to commonly asked questions.

Question: Is the conference going to be online or hybrid?

Answer: We fully expect this to be an in-person only conference.

Question: Do I have to be vaccinated to attend the conference?

Answer: The current Lehigh campus policy for conferences is that attendees must be vaccinated, and show proof of vaccination in advance of attending the conference. We are currently looking into whether medical and/or religious exemptions are allowed.