Cluster Information

ICCOPT 2022 will have twelve clusters (sometimes called themes). The cluster names, as well as their chairs, are provided below.

Applications of Continuous Optimization
Chairs: Mihai Anitescu, Christian Kirches
Convexification and Global Optimization
Chairs: Aida Khajavirad, Mohit Tawarmalani
Derivative-Free Optimization
Chairs: Jeffrey Larson, Sara Shashaani, Stefan Wild
Nonlinear Optimization
Chairs: Dominique Orban, Albert Berahas
Nonsmooth Optimization
Chairs: Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Damek Davis
Optimization for Data Science and Machine Learning
Chairs: Sebastian Stich, Nicolas Loizou
Optimization Under Uncertainty
Chairs: Dick den Hertog, Wolfram Wiesemann
PDE-Constrained Optimization
Chair: Michael Hinterm├╝ller
Semidefinite, Conic, and Polynomial Optimization
Chairs: Etienne de Klerk, Didier Henrion
Chair: Robert Luce
Stochastic Algorithms
Chairs: Guanghui (George) Lan, Yuyuan (Lance) Ouyang
Variational Inequalities, Complementarity, Games, and Equilibria
Chairs: Uday Shanbhag, Jane Ye